USA: Media: Trump because of secret documents in the sights of the investigators

USA: Media: Trump because of secret documents in the sights of the investigators

For months, a special investigator has been investigating the discovery of top-secret documents on ex-President Trump. One could only speculate about the status of the investigation. Now there is movement.

Another indictment against former US President Donald Trump seems to be getting closer, according to consistent media reports. In the affair of secret government documents, the team of special counsel Jack Smith informed the Trump camp that the 76-year-old was the target of the investigation, as reported by the “New York Times” and Fox News, citing anonymous sources. This is taken as a sign that Trump could be impeached in the matter.

Was Trump guilty of a crime?

The federal police FBI had searched Trump’s private home Mar-a-Lago in Florida in August and confiscated various classified information, some with the highest classification level. The fact that the Republican kept the documents in his private home long after he left office could have made him liable to prosecution. For months, the National Archives tried to get papers from Trump’s administration. Trump’s lawyers had finally handed over documents – but by no means all of them, as it turned out during the FBI search of the Mar-a-Lago property.

Just a few hours before the media reports were published, Trump had not yet seen legal action against himself coming on the platform he co-founded “Truth Social”: “Nobody told me that I would be charged, and I shouldn’t because I did NOTHING wrong,” he wrote, repeating his allegation that investigations against him were politically motivated. Trump had already been charged in New York in connection with hush money payments to a porn star and was brought before the judge in early April.

Also documents at Biden

Secret government documents from his time as Vice President under Barack Obama were also found on US President Joe Biden in premises where they should not have been kept. Here, too, an independent special investigator is active. In Biden’s case, however, there are significantly fewer documents. According to the White House, Biden has also not refused to hand over documents.

The US Department of Justice appointed the independent special counsel Smith in November to outsource the politically sensitive investigation into Trump. On the one hand, Smith takes care of the investigations in connection with secret government documents. Second, it addresses Trump’s role in the storming of the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 and his efforts to influence the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. A committee of inquiry had recommended criminal investigations to the Ministry of Justice. Among other things, he accuses Trump of rioting, obstructing a public process and conspiring against the US government. However, the Committee’s recommendation is not binding.

Trump popular with Republicans

Trump has long railed that his opponents are merely trying to prevent him from returning to the White House in 2024. He officially announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in November. So far, he’s ahead in polls among party supporters – but a lot can still happen before the final decision is made.

Further investigations are ongoing against Trump. All eyes were on the New York case that led to the first criminal indictment in US history of an ex-president, in which he pleaded not guilty. In the state of Georgia, the public prosecutor’s office is also investigating Trump for possible election manipulation. In another case, Trump has already been prosecuted – at least indirectly. His real estate group was fined in New York for tax fraud, among other things. The ex-president was not personally accused.

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