Ukraine War: How Wounded Soldiers Fight Back to Life

Ukraine War: How Wounded Soldiers Fight Back to Life

In the rehabilitation centers in Ukraine, wounded soldiers are to learn the first steps towards a new life. But there are too many of them – and not always enough places. There is also another problem: the silence.

When Andriy’s new life begins, when he is very lucky and very unlucky at the same time, he is on the phone and drinking a coffee at the same time. It’s late October, late afternoon. His mother is on the other end of the line. She worries: Andriy, a nuclear physics student, is only 19 years old and volunteered to go to war from Kiev when Russia invaded Ukraine. His parents were appalled.

Of course, they still send him packages to the front in Donbas. A new one just arrived, Andriy just has to pick it up. “It’s a good day,” he says on the phone. At this moment it cracks.

Source: Stern

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