Last generation: Munich: Climate protests are partially banned

Last generation: Munich: Climate protests are partially banned

The climate activism group Last Generation recently announced plans to turn Munich into a “protest stronghold.” The city reacts.

In view of a large number of protests by the last generation, the city of Munich has issued a partial ban on the demonstrations.

The city announced that a general decree for preventive averting of danger would prohibit future climate protests that take place on the routes of the emergency and rescue vehicles. Accordingly, protests that are not reported and in which participants stick themselves to the road are prohibited.

The decree came into effect at 12:00 p.m. and is therefore valid until the end of September 12th. The city announced that this corresponds to the end of their protest in Munich announced by the last generation.

Recently many blockages

Yesterday, activists from the climate protection group blocked traffic in Munich at more than a dozen locations. They had also announced that they wanted to turn Munich into a “protest stronghold” in the run-up to the IAA mobility trade fair in early September.

According to the city, the rescue lane “which could theoretically be cleared” by the activists did not work as desired in practice. Two rescue vehicles were obstructed on Thursday.

The city pointed out that calling for a prohibited assembly is punishable by law. Participation can be punished with a fine of up to 3000 euros. The district administration department is also examining whether to ban individual people from carrying adhesive.

Source: Stern

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