War: Ambassador Makeiev: Russia was able to barricade itself

War: Ambassador Makeiev: Russia was able to barricade itself

Ukraine continues its counter-offensive but struggles with heavily fortified Russian defences. The Ukrainian ambassador in Germany believes he knows the reason for this.

The Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany, Oleksii Makeiev, cites hesitant military support from Western partners as one reason for the currently difficult Ukrainian counter-offensive.

“Russia had time to barricade itself in,” Makeiev said in Deutschlandfunk’s “Interview of the Week.” “It took a very long time to prepare and equip the Ukrainian brigades, brigades of attack.” These brigades are now full of Western weapons and ammunition. He also referred to the debates in Germany about the delivery of armored personnel carriers and anti-aircraft systems.

The meaning of Taurus cruise missiles and F-16

Ukraine has no air sovereignty over its territory, Makeiev said. That is why the delivery of the F-16 fighter jets is so important – Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway have all promised F-16s. With a view to German Taurus cruise missiles, Makeiev said they were in “very pragmatic and meaningful talks” with the federal government.

Ukraine has long been demanding Taurus cruise missiles from Germany. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has so far been reluctant to comment on this. There are fears that the cruise missiles could also reach Russian territory.

Asked about possible peace negotiations with Russia, Makeiev said: “This is about annihilation, and Russia and unfortunately the Russian people do not want Ukraine at all, and in this context one does not enter into a conversation with a willingness to compromise.”

This is vital for Ukraine’s survival. “Many partners have now understood that, and there is no pressure on us to enter into talks with Russia.”

Source: Stern

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