Investigations: AfD politician smeared with faeces by Storch

Investigations: AfD politician smeared with faeces by Storch

There was a peaceful demonstration against the party in front of the hall of an AfD event. On the other hand, the situation escalates on stage.

AfD politician Beatrix von Storch was smeared with feces during a performance in Rhineland-Palatinate. According to the police, the incident happened on Friday evening in Daun in the Vulkaneifel.

Von Storch told the German Press Agency that the man had asked her for a photo together on the stage in the event hall. This is nothing unusual, and she is also fundamentally willing to do so. The man then smeared her with the excrement. “It was really disgusting,” von Storch said. Several media had previously reported on the incident.

In front of the event hall, the man was overpowered by the police. According to the police, a preliminary investigation is underway against him for insult and attempted bodily harm. Von Storch said they have filed a complaint. In front of the hall there was a demonstration against the AfD event with around 100 participants, as the police spokesman said. She passed peacefully.

Source: Stern

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