Media report: Trump is said to have collected millions with a police photo

Media report: Trump is said to have collected millions with a police photo

It was the first “mugshot” ever by an ex-US president: But it doesn’t seem to hurt Donald Trump, at least in financial terms. Millions of dollars in donations are said to have already been received.

Donald Trump’s historic police photo apparently brought millions in donations to the former US President’s election campaign coffers. $7.1 million has been raised since the Georgia jail mugshot was released Thursday night, US news magazine Politico reported Saturday, citing the Trump campaign team (local time). . Accordingly, the sale of merchandise products brought in the most money.

The police photo – the first “mugshot” of an ex-president ever – was published by Trump on social networks after his prison term. His campaign went straight to selling T-shirts, mugs, and numerous other items printed with the grim official photo. According to Politico, the products labeled “NEVER SURRENDER” ranged in price from $12 to $34.

After an indictment in connection with attempted voter fraud in the US state of Georgia, the 77-year-old had to appear at the Fulton County jail in Atlanta on Thursday to officially face the authorities there. Trump is the first ex-president of the United States to appear in prison for an indictment and had to leave his personal details accordingly. The Republican wants to run again for the presidency in the 2024 election. He describes the prosecution against him as a politically motivated “witch hunt”.

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