Consumers: Bundestag, vehicle registration, TV: September will bring that

Consumers: Bundestag, vehicle registration, TV: September will bring that

There is good news for many energy customers and car buyers in September: Eon is lowering prices and vehicles can be registered digitally. However, some deadlines also expire in the new month.

After the end of the summer break, the Bundestag will meet again in the first week of September. First of all, the budget week should be about money. The planned passage of the heating law should be particularly exciting for consumers. What else is coming up in the new month:

heating law

Millions of heating system owners are expected to have clarity on September 8th as to what the regulations of the heating law will look like. According to a provisional agenda, the draft is then to be submitted to the Bundestag.

Eon lowers prices

Germany’s largest energy supplier, Eon, will lower prices for millions of electricity and gas customers on September 1st, thereby passing on the relaxation on the wholesale markets. Affected are customers in the basic service and in special tariffs.

Vehicle registration goes digital

Anyone who wants to register their car or motorcycle can save themselves the trip to the office from September 1st. The federal government’s ordinance on the digitization of vehicle registration enables vehicle owners to process the registration online. The number plate stamps and papers should be mailed within ten days. However, vehicle owners are allowed to go out on the road even before that: the digital proof of registration is initially sufficient as a notification of registration.

halogen lamps

September 1st marks the beginning of the end of certain halogen lamps. This involves so-called pins in the sizes G4, GY6.35 and G9. According to EU regulations, these can no longer be sold. In order to save electricity, appropriate LED lamps should be used instead.

Tax return 2022

Anyone who is obliged to submit a tax return and is not being looked after by a tax advisor must do so by September 30th.

Magpie no longer keeps all messages

The state online tax portal Elster no longer cancels all notifications to users. From September 18, only important messages such as digital notices or transmission logs will be stored permanently. Other messages – such as changed certificate details or status transitions – are automatically deleted after one year.

Hardship Fund: Deadline ends

Those in need with open pension entitlements from GDR times have until September 30 to apply for support from the hardship fund. If the application is successful, a one-time payment of at least 2500 euros beckons.

Goodbye summer vacation

Even the last school children return to the classes. In Baden-Württemberg, classes will resume from September 11th, in Bavaria from September 12th. In other federal states, people are already looking towards the autumn holidays. These start in North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony and Thuringia with the end of school on September 29th.

Popular TV shows back

TV viewers can look forward to the end of the pickle season: many current TV formats will start again in September, such as the talk show “Anne Will” on the first on September 10th and the ZDF “heute show” on September 8th.

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