Söder allegedly imitates Aiwanger “with a Hitler voice” – the CSU sharply rejects this

Söder allegedly imitates Aiwanger “with a Hitler voice” – the CSU sharply rejects this

Before the state elections in Bavaria, Hubert Aiwanger is under pressure because of an anti-Semitic leaflet. In principle, the CSU wants to continue the coalition with the Free Voters. A humorous beer tent speech by Söder is now causing new explosiveness.

The affair surrounding Hubert Aiwanger and the anti-Semitic leaflet continues to escalate. At an election campaign event in Landshut, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) buttoned his deputy – and imitated Aiwanger with a distorted voice. A discussion then broke out as to whether Söder was trying to imitate Adolf Hitler.

As Deutschlandfunk reporter Michael Watzke reports from on site, Söder called out in the beer tent with “Adolf Hitler-like voice and gestures”: “I’ll hit the table in Munich.” Söder did not explicitly name Aiwanger, but spoke of a politician who made big speeches locally but was very tame in Munich. In the audio recording of Deutschlandfunk you can hear how Söder speaks the “Hit on the table” sentence in a distorted voice, a bit deeper and harder in tone, and with a strong emphasis. After that he talks normally.

You can listen to the relevant passage here:

You can find the full length DLF article here.

The accusation of imitation of Hitler is strictly rejected from CSU circles. Dem star A spokesman said: “The comparisons drawn from the beer tent speech in Landshut are completely absurd. The speech passage, taken out of context, which has nothing to do with current developments and has remained unchanged for a long time, has often been held in the presence of many journalists. From now on Constructing historical comparisons is absurd and a deliberate manipulation.” The “Bild” newspaper had previously reported on the rejection.

Pressure on Aiwanger is growing

Prime Minister Söder is increasing the pressure on his deputy prime minister. The free voter boss should answer a catalog with 25 questions in writing, said Söder after deliberations in the coalition committee on Tuesday in Munich. Despite the recent allegations against Aiwanger, the state parliament CSU wants to continue the coalition with the Free Voters.

However, there was a call for further clarification in the group. Aiwanger had to clarify open questions about an anti-Semitic leaflet from his school days – that was the unanimous opinion. It was also said that the free voters would have to clarify how they would continue to deal with the situation and with their chairman.

Sources:, DPA

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