Donald Trump: Republican group drives campaign against ex-president

Donald Trump: Republican group drives campaign against ex-president

Despite his four indictments, Donald Trump enjoys strong support in his party. But big doesn’t mean unlimited. A group of Republicans is now ramping up mightily against the presidential candidate.

An association of Republican opponents of Donald Trump took the legal problems of the former US President as an opportunity to launch an advertising campaign against the quadruple accused. The campaign is titled “Trump’s Criminal Records,” the Republican Accountability Project said on its website. She is targeting the Republican presidential nomination for his impeachment in the state of Georgia. Trump is accused by the prosecutor in Atlanta, among other things, of attempted voter fraud.

Mugshot of Donald Trump in Times Square

According to Trump opponents, they have booked one of the huge advertising screens in Times Square in New York and are showing the police photo of the 77-year-old taken in Georgia. Next to the mugshot, a list of the 91 crimes the ex-president is accused of in his four indictments scrolls through.

The group also aired a 60-second commercial on ultra-conservative Fox News. The clip, entitled “The Rule of Law Matters,” will run throughout the week in three cities in swing states that will be crucial for the 2024 presidential election: Phoenix in Arizona, Milwaukee in Wisconsin and Atlanta, the capital of Georgia. The video shows footage from Trump’s tenure, his court hearings, and the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol in Washington.

“In America, the rule of law is still important. And that’s why Donald Trump has been indicted on four separate counts of 91 felonies,” reads the ad, which also refers to Trump’s other charges of handling classified documents, falsifying business records and attempting to election rigging relates.

“We’ve seen what happens when people start believing that nothing matters,” the announcer continues, while footage of rioters attacking police officers in the Capitol can be seen in the background. “So it doesn’t matter that Donald Trump was President of the United States. It doesn’t matter that he’s currently running for President. This is America, no one is above the law. That’s why it’s important that Donald Trump face the consequences.” responsible for his actions.”

The Republican Accountability Project was launched by conservative Republicans ahead of the 2020 presidency to prevent Trump from being re-elected. “Donald Trump has spent the last seven years pretending that the rule of law doesn’t apply to him,” said the group’s political director, Gunner Ramer, of the new campaign. “We remind the American people that no one in this country is above the law — not even a past president.”

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