Ukraine-News: Kuleba is again urging Germany to deliver cruise missiles

Ukraine-News: Kuleba is again urging Germany to deliver cruise missiles

The Ukraine criticized the hesitant German attitude in the delivery of Tauruscruise missiles.

After consultations with his EU colleagues in Toledo, Spain, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba says there is “not a single objective argument” against military aid. Kuleba expresses displeasure at criticism of the allegedly sluggish Ukrainian counter-offensive in the Russian war of aggression.

Kuleba says the Taurus cruise missiles are important for the counteroffensive against Russia. “They help to end the war more quickly,” he emphasizes. The federal government, on the other hand, had recently declared that it did not see itself under pressure on the issue.

The cruise missiles fly hundreds of kilometers and can destroy bunkers and other well-secured facilities such as ammunition depots or command posts. The Bundeswehr had received a total of 600 Taurus KEPD-350 weapons since 2004.

Kuleba warned critics of the counter-offensive: If you think the offensive is going too slowly, spit it in the face of Ukrainian soldiers who sacrificed their lives to gain a kilometer of ground. “I recommend all critics to shut up, to come to Ukraine and try to liberate even a square centimetre,” said Kuleba.

Source: Stern

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