Leaflet affair: Aiwanger apologizes – no resignation

Leaflet affair: Aiwanger apologizes – no resignation

Recently, the pressure on Hubert Aiwanger has increased. Now the Free Voters boss has commented on the leaflet affair.

Bavaria’s Deputy Prime Minister Hubert Aiwanger (Free Voters) has apologized in the affair of an anti-Semitic flyer from school days.

Aiwanger said in Munich that he deeply regrets hurting feelings through his behavior in relation to the pamphlet in question or other allegations against him from his youth. There was no mention of a possible resignation in his brief statement.

Hubert Aiwanger sees himself as the target of a political campaign. “I have the impression that I should be finished politically and personally,” said the Free Voters boss.

He made mistakes as a teenager and apologize for them. “However, it is unacceptable that these misconducts are now being exploited in a political campaign against me and my party,” said Aiwanger. “A negative image has been drawn of me in the past few days. That’s not me, that’s not Hubert Aiwanger.”

Source: Stern

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