Parties: AfD presents paper for “AfD-led federal government”.

Parties: AfD presents paper for “AfD-led federal government”.

In surveys, the traffic light parties are losing approval, the AfD continues to grow. She appears accordingly self-confident. Current highlight: An “immediate program of an AfD-led federal government”.

The AfD parliamentary group has accused the traffic light coalition of leading the country “to ruin” and presented counter-proposals to current politics at a closed conference. For this purpose, the parliamentary group presented a three-page paper on Friday in Oberhof in Thuringia under the heading “Ten-point immediate program of an AfD-led federal government”, in which they essentially reaffirmed their known positions.

Among other things, it promises lower energy prices through a reduction in energy taxes and the recommissioning and construction of nuclear power plants. Government spending in the areas of migration, climate and development policy will be “drastically” cut and “the Nord Stream lines will be repaired and put back into operation,” it said.

AfD-led federal government currently excluded

An AfD-led federal government is currently out of the question. The party was able to increase its poll numbers to currently 21 to 22 percent (Bundestag election result 2021: 10.3). In order to be able to govern alone, parties need at least 50 percent or a coalition partner. However, the other parties rule out a coalition with the AfD.

AfD would reduce EU contributions

In the paper, the AfD faction also reaffirms its negative attitude towards the EU and promises “negotiations to reduce EU contributions and to establish a new European economic community and interest group” in the event of government responsibility.

Because of Germany’s dependence on exports, there are warnings against such a course. “The international networking of German industry is crucial for our prosperity and the success of our economy. This results in a clear distance to the self-image, the goals and the behavior of the AfD,” said the Federation of German Industries (BDI) at the end of July in the short message service X written.

Cash is also an immediate issue

The AfD immediate program also states that cash will be “enshrined in the constitution as a means of payment,” which alludes to an allegedly politically desired abolition of cash. According to information from the Bundesbank at the end of July, cash will continue to be available and the AfD would also need a two-thirds majority in the Bundestag and Bundesrat to change the Basic Law.

At a press conference in Oberhof, AfD faction and party leaders Alice Weidel and Tino Chrupalla attacked the traffic light coalition and the Union. “This federal government is done,” said Chrupalla. CDU leader Friedrich Merz will not be able to maintain his course of the firewall, said Weidel with a view to current survey results in Saxony. “The East German CDU officials are completely right off the bat.” According to an Insa survey, the AfD is 35 percent ahead in Saxony a year before the state elections and is promoting cooperation with the CDU, which rejects it.

AfD paper

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