Energy: Bayaz proposes commission to reduce electricity prices

Energy: Bayaz proposes commission to reduce electricity prices

The traffic light is debating a government-subsidized electricity price for industry. Green politician Bayaz wants to create a commission. The aim: to significantly expand the electricity supply.

Baden-Württemberg’s Finance Minister Danyal Bayaz (Greens) proposes setting up a commission of experts in the debate about state-subsidized electricity prices for industry.

“Experts from industry, trade unions and science, for example, should develop proposals in the next few weeks and then present them to politicians for further consultation and implementation,” said Bayaz of the German Press Agency in Stuttgart.

“Apparently the federal government is not in a position to formulate a unified opinion on the industrial electricity price. This threatens to become a deadlock that creates additional uncertainty,” said Bayaz. He therefore considers an electricity commission similar to last year’s gas commission to be a wise approach. Last year, the gas commission set up by the federal government drew up proposals to relieve citizens and industry of high gas prices.

In terms of content, Bayaz believes that the experts should not only deal with electricity prices. “The focus should not only be on the question of how we can support energy-intensive value creation in the short term and temporarily, but also how we can significantly expand the electricity supply overall in the medium term,” said the Green politician. In addition, reliable and legally secure ways of financing must be discussed.

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