Leaflet Affair: Catalog published with questions and answers to Aiwanger

Leaflet Affair: Catalog published with questions and answers to Aiwanger

The affair surrounding an anti-Semitic leaflet has shaken the coalition in Bavaria. Prime Minister Söder stands behind Free Voters boss Aiwanger. Now the 25 questions are also public.

The Bavarian state government has published the catalog of questions for Deputy Prime Minister Hubert Aiwanger. His answers are also in the document published on the Internet immediately after a press conference by Söder. Aiwanger agreed to the publication, said Söder.

The Free Voters boss Aiwanger insists that he did not write the anti-Semitic leaflet. In many of his answers, he sticks to the statement that he cannot remember. “The events addressed in this catalog of questions date back around 36 years. I was 16 at the time. I would therefore like to point out that I can no longer remember many of the details today.”

He also reiterated allegations of a campaign against him. “I’m horrified at how a teacher is trying to use a document from my school days and the passing on of information from the protected area of ​​school to get me down politically and personally.” He announced again: “I reserve the right to take legal action against the suspicion reporting with mostly anonymous statements and the omission of exculpatory content.”

Aiwanger goes into his apology again in the answers at the end: “I also made mistakes as a teenager that I regret today. I regret when my behavior hurt feelings when I was young. Mistakes from adolescence are allowed However, people are not to be blamed for all eternity. Every person must also be allowed a development and maturation process.”

A new state parliament will be elected in Bavaria on October 8th. The CSU and Free Voters have always stated that they want to continue their coalition after the election. Söder confirmed this again on Sunday.

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