Olaf Scholz wears an eye patch after a fall: “I look forward to the memes”

Olaf Scholz wears an eye patch after a fall: “I look forward to the memes”

How is the chancellor after his jogging accident? Olaf Scholz has now answered this personally via social media – and immediately added a photo.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz wears a black eye patch over his right eye after his fall while jogging because of his facial injuries. The SPD politician presented himself on Monday for the first time after the accident on X, formerly Twitter. In addition to the eye patch, the photo distributed there also shows abrasions around the right eye, around the nose and on the chin of the 65-year-old. Scholz takes the injuries with humor: “Who has the damage… Can’t wait to see the memes”, he writes. Memes are images that are common on social media, often with humorous comments.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz with an eye patch after his sports injury.

Scholz also made it clear that he does not feel particularly affected by the injury. “Thanks for the well wishes, looks worse than it is!”

Olaf Scholz stumbled during training

Government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit said that the chancellor was doing well given the circumstances. “He was in a good mood this morning but still looks a bit battered.” The photo was published “so everyone can get used to what he looks like for the next week or two”. The eye patch will obviously really accompany the chancellor over the next few days.

The 65-year-old Scholz fell while jogging at the weekend and therefore canceled his participation in the election campaign of the Hessian SPD and its top candidate Nancy Faeser on Sunday. The accident is said to have occurred on the Chancellor’s main route at his place of residence in Potsdam. Scholz stumbled, was unable to support himself in time and therefore fell on his face, she wrote “Picture”-Newspaper. When he goes jogging, he is always accompanied by bodyguards who were able to quickly help him.

Scholz wants to hold public appointments again on Monday. He will be in the evening at the St. Michael reception of the German Bishops’ Conference and at the summer party of the SPD newspaper “forward” expected. It is quite possible that he will also drop by the SPD parliamentary group in the Bundestag, which is electing a new board. On Tuesday, Scholz will attend the opening of the International Motor Show in Munich and will speak in the Bundestag’s budget debate on Wednesday.

Scholz tries to make time for sport two to three times a week, as he writes on his website as a member of the Bundestag. He also likes to row when his busy schedule allows. He also goes hiking with his wife Britta Ernst on vacation and occasionally rides his bike. However, he is a late starter when it comes to sports. “When I was at school I hated sports, now I jog as often as I can.”

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