Police College: Bahar Aslan wins summary proceedings against expulsion

Police College: Bahar Aslan wins summary proceedings against expulsion

After a tweet, she lost her job as a university lecturer. Bahar Aslan has appealed against her expulsion.

Lecturer Bahar Aslan has won the summary proceedings against her expulsion from the Police University in North Rhine-Westphalia. “The urgent application by the lecturers was successful,” said a spokeswoman for the Gelsenkirchen Administrative Court.

No date for the main proceedings yet

The court criticized that no viable overall assessment had taken place in the university’s decision. This is therefore likely to be unlawful. This means that Aslan is again in possession of a teaching position in the subject “Intercultural Competence” until a decision is made in the main proceedings.

An appeal to the Higher Administrative Court in Münster is still possible against the decision. There is not yet a date for the hearing in the main proceedings.

Aslan was criticized with an entry on the Twitter platform, which is now called X: “My heart is racing now when I or my friends get into a police check because all the brown dirt inside the security authorities scares us. That’s not just my reality, it’s that of many people in this country.”

The university had used this and other tweets as well as a second job permit that had not been obtained as an opportunity to revoke the teaching assignment. However, the court criticized that she failed to include circumstances in Aslan’s favor in the necessary overall assessment. In addition, she was charged with circumstances, such as threats by third parties against the university, which she could not be charged with.

GFF welcomes the decision

The decision was “a good signal for freedom of expression,” commented the Society for Freedom Rights (GFF), which had supported Aslan in the process. “The university followed the widespread hasty reflex to punish the bearer of bad news and now has the receipt: That was illegal,” commented Laura Kuttler, a lawyer at the GFF.

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