Federal Government: What are the goals of the “Germany Pact”?

Federal Government: What are the goals of the “Germany Pact”?

The traffic light coalition is proposing a “Germany Pact” to the federal states, municipalities and the opposition to modernize the country. What’s it all about?

The “Germany Pact” proposed by Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) is intended to help make the country faster, more modern and safer from the ground up. The opposition in the Bundestag and some experts complain that Germany is poorly prepared for the future – there was even talk of the “sick man of Europe” again recently.

With these measures, some of which are already included in current legislative proposals, Scholz wants to turn things around:

Less effort for permits So far, the energy transition has also been problematic because in Germany there are many permits that have to be obtained from different authorities for new projects – for example the construction of wind turbines. Now, for example, general procedural law is to be accelerated, building permits for more living space are to be granted more easily and masts for fast mobile Internet are to be erected without any problems.

Less burden on companiesSo that companies are relieved, especially when switching to more sustainability, they should be offered investment aid, for example. They should get better conditions for depreciation so that they have to pay less tax. Future-oriented research and development by companies should also be subsidized by the state. The settlement of high-tech production – such as computer chips – and start-up companies should be made easier.

More modern administration The services of authorities and offices are to be further digitized – by the end of 2024 important services such as applications for a new driver’s license or ID card or parental and citizen’s allowance should be possible “continuously” online.

Recruiting more skilled workers from abroad The new law to make it easier for skilled workers to immigrate is now to be further accelerated, in that the procedures for this are digital and do not fail due to bureaucracy. At the same time, “irregular” immigration should be better controlled and deportations should be carried out more quickly.

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