Did France shoot down an Italian jet in 1980?

Did France shoot down an Italian jet in 1980?

Italy’s former prime minister Giuliano Amato claims that France’s military mistakenly shot down an Italian passenger plane off Sicily in 1980. The actual target: the Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi. The case exacerbates tensions between Paris and Rome.

Giuliano Amato, 85, is a deserving statesman. The socialist and native of Turin has twice been prime minister and has served his country for many years as a constitutional judge. He can look back on a fulfilling public life. But there is something else that bothers the thin man with the pointed face: an unsolved case that dates back 43 years and which Amato, like many of his compatriots, still hasn’t let go of. A kind of national trauma of Italy.

Source: Stern

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