Donald Trump: Prosecutors expect four-month trial in Georgia

Donald Trump: Prosecutors expect four-month trial in Georgia

In the indictment against Donald Trump in Georgia, the public prosecutor’s office expects a four-month trial – and is in favor of an early start. However, the judge is skeptical about the schedule.

In the case of attempted electoral fraud in the state of Georgia against ex-US President Donald Trump and 18 other suspects, the public prosecutor’s office expects a four-month trial. That’s what a prosecutor said on Wednesday at the first hearing in the Atlanta court, to which neither Trump nor the other defendants had to appear. That estimate of the schedule does not include jury selection, the prosecutor said. About 150 witnesses are expected in the court proceedings. The public prosecutor spoke out in favor of starting the process in October. However, the judge was very skeptical.

The details of the procedure and a possible start of the process are still completely unclear. Several defendants are attempting to separate their case from the others, get a faster trial, or have their trial transferred to another court.

Donald Trump charged in Georgia with election interference

In Georgia, Trump is charged with 18 others over his attempts to influence the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in the state. Trump lost the election to Democrat Joe Biden. To this day, he refuses to admit defeat. Instead, Trump claims he was deprived of a victory by massive voter fraud in Georgia and elsewhere.

In the midst of his new campaign for a Republican presidential nomination in the 2024 election, Trump faces three more indictments — and with them three more lawsuits. Among other things, he has also been charged at the federal level in Washington in connection with the 2020 election.

However, the procedure in Georgia differs from the rest of the procedures in New York, Miami and Washington. Cameras were allowed at the Atlanta hearing and the session was televised live. It is possible that this will also apply to the later process. In Georgia, Trump had also had to appear in a prison to face the authorities for the post-charge procedure – and not in court as in the other cases. At the prison date at the end of August, the authorities took a police photo of the Republican. Never before has an ex-president of the USA been immortalized on a so-called “mug shot”.

Trump suffers another legal defeat in the E. Jean Carroll case

In a civil trial in New York, in which Trump had already been convicted by a jury, the Republican is now facing another legal setback. A federal judge in New York ruled on Wednesday that Trump’s further comments about US author E. Jean Carroll were defamatory. This leaves the jury at a second trial, scheduled to begin in January, to decide only how much compensation the ex-president will have to pay to the woman. Carroll is asking for more than $10 million.

A New York grand jury in May found it proven that Trump had assaulted and sexually assaulted Carroll in a New York upscale department store in 1996. Because of this finding, other statements by Trump that have not yet been negotiated, which accuse Carroll of lying, should also be regarded as defamation, the responsible federal judge argued. The jury awarded the writer $5 million in damages in May.

Shortly after the conviction, Carroll announced that she would take legal action against the ex-president again. She cited other statements by Trump as the reason. The court provisionally set the trial to begin on January 15, 2024.

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