Israel at a crossroads: the torn promised land

Israel at a crossroads: the torn promised land

Some want a religious state, an authoritarian government and even more settlements. The others fear for the old ideals of their homeland. Now Israel faces days of decision.

At the end of a winding road that leads past thistle bushes and boulders, behind a hilltop in the occupied West Bank, which they call Judea and Samaria, David Stern sits in his winter garden in front of dusty Plexiglas panes and looks out over the sun-scorched land that is sacred to him. On the shelf behind him, where the prayer books are, there are three smoke grenades, a Glock 19 is on his left hip, and he has three loaded magazines on his right. Stern is a man with broad shoulders and a gentle look. He leans back and opens his hands to the sky: “First of all: Our life here is a dream.”

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