Privacy: Left leader on data storage side of the FDP

Privacy: Left leader on data storage side of the FDP

Instead of data retention, Justice Minister Marco Buschmann is promoting a more targeted procedure – and receives encouragement from Left Party leader Janine Wissler. It warns of a “Big Brother system”.

After a new ruling by the Federal Administrative Court, Left Party leader Janine Wissler is calling on Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser to clearly reject the general and indiscriminate storage of IP addresses. “The Interior Minister’s desire to collect data is an attack on people’s freedoms and ignores the courts,” explained the left-wing politician.

Investigators hope that storing cell phone or computer data will provide clues to solving serious crimes. Due to legal uncertainty, the regulation has been suspended in Germany since 2017. In a decision published on Thursday, the Federal Administrative Court classified the unfounded and comprehensive data retention as contrary to European law. Accordingly, IP addresses may be stored to combat serious crime and prevent serious threats to public safety. But this is not clearly stated in the Telecommunications Act.

Wissler called data retention a blatant attack on privacy and “a Big Brother system.” “It is all the more scandalous that one of the highest representatives of the executive branch believes that she does not have to adhere to case law and continues to turn a deaf ear.” Instead, the left-wing politician recommended the FDP’s concept of a “quick freeze process” in which data is stored in a more targeted and event-related manner.

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