Demonstrations: Almost 3,000 arrests at banned climate demonstrations in The Hague

Demonstrations: Almost 3,000 arrests at banned climate demonstrations in The Hague

Two highway blockades, two water cannon deployments and two mass arrests. In The Hague, police cracked down on banned Extinction Rebellion demonstrations over the weekend.

A total of almost 3,000 participants were temporarily arrested in two banned protests for more climate protection in The Hague at the weekend.

At the weekend they blocked the A12 motorway near the Dutch parliament and government district. On both days the police used water cannons against the group Extinction Rebellion (XR). According to the statement, emergency services arrested more than 500 participants, compared to around 2,400 the day before.

Solidarity with the blockade actions

According to estimates by the city administration, around 1,000 people took part in the blockade campaign; the day before, around 9,000 were said to have followed a call from XR. According to XR and other organizations, several thousand more people demonstrated at the weekend outside the motorway area, where the actions were mostly permitted. According to media reports, many of these demonstrators expressed solidarity with the blockade.

The Hague’s Mayor Jan van Zanen approved the forced evacuation of the stretch of motorway after demonstrators there resisted calls to clear the road. They had been offered to hold their demonstration against the government’s energy policy not far from The Hague Central Station, where it was legal.

Detainees released again

As on Saturday, those arrested were taken by bus to the stadium of the ADO The Hague football club. A short time later, most of them were released again. According to the police, criminal proceedings were initiated against only a few.

According to its own information, XR wants to block the A12 every day until all government subsidies for fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas are canceled in the Netherlands. The group accuses the government of failing to keep a promise to eliminate tax breaks and other forms of subsidies for aviation, shipping, fossil fuel power generation and oil production.

Source: Stern

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