Braunau: German stands on town square with Nazi symbols painted on him

Braunau: German stands on town square with Nazi symbols painted on him

The public display in Adolf Hitler’s birthplace sparked a police operation. The man was arrested.

A man from Brandenburg displayed Nazi symbols on his body in the Austrian town of Braunau, triggering a police operation.

As police reported, officers intervened the day before after witnesses saw a man in the town square with relevant symbols painted on his skin. The 68-year-old was only wearing shorts and shoes.

The officers met the man’s girlfriend in a mobile home. She stated that her facial injuries were caused by him. The man was temporarily arrested and reported for, among other things, the alleged violation of the Nazi Prohibition Act and alleged bodily harm.

Interior Ministry plans to remodel Hitler’s birthplace

Braunau is known as the birthplace of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. In order to prevent visits by right-wing extremists to the border town between Upper Austria and Bavaria, the Interior Ministry has long been planning to redesign Hitler’s birthplace in the city center. The building will house a police station and a human rights training center.

According to the police, the man from Brandenburg stated that he had simply taken a break in Braunau on the way back after a vacation in Hungary.

Source: Stern

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