Ukraine war: Germany is not living up to its responsibilities, says Mölling

Ukraine war: Germany is not living up to its responsibilities, says Mölling

Ukraine demands planes and weapons, but Germany refuses. Security expert Christian Mölling thinks this is irresponsible and calls for more decision-making from traffic lights.

After Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock’s visit to Kiev, security expert Christian Mölling accused the federal government of failing to live up to its responsibilities towards Ukraine. Mölling said on Tuesday star– “Ukraine – the situation”, the ongoing refusal to deliver Taurus cruise missiles makes it more difficult to protect and liberate the population in the Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine. To put it simply, one could say: “The more weapons, the more opportunities there are to free people.”

The research director of the German Society for Foreign Policy reacted with incomprehension to the fact that despite months of requests from the government in Kiev, no decision had yet been made. “There is an indirect form of responsibility that is relatively easy to describe,” he explained. “If I don’t do what is in my power, but I am able to do it and it is actually the right thing to do – then I take guilt on myself.”

Mölling did not rule out that “stubbornness” in view of the constant demand for the weapon systems was one of the government’s motives for continuing to wait. Baerbock had made it clear in Kiev that Germany still needed time to decide on the delivery. Ukraine has a keen interest in long-range missiles to attack Russian supply lines and positions far behind the front. On the other hand, the federal government wants to ensure that the weapons are not used on Russian territory.

Mölling criticizes the traffic light’s lack of decision-making ability

Mölling called on those in power in Berlin to take political leadership instead of simply accepting the mood of the population as a given. “In a situation where it is unclear what is right and what is wrong, politics can take leadership,” he said. She could have tried very early on to guide public opinion in a certain direction. “They didn’t want to show this leadership,” he criticized. “At the moment the only thing that is in the room is that the decision is being made very difficult.” But that is not enough.

It is also not an option for Germany to wait for the USA to lead the way and deliver long-range cruise missiles. He referred to next year’s presidential elections in the USA: “This decision-making logic may come to an end at some point. Namely when the next American president is no longer a Democrat and is called Joe Biden.”

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