State election: Faeser in the Hessian election campaign: No tailwind from Berlin

State election: Faeser in the Hessian election campaign: No tailwind from Berlin

As part of her election campaign, SPD top candidate Nancy Faeser is focusing on education policy. She would like more support from Berlin and finds clear words.

In her election campaign in Hesse, SPD top candidate Nancy Faeser primarily wants to address the shortage of teachers and other problems in education policy. In her view, migration policy, for which she has significant responsibility as Federal Minister of the Interior, is currently not a priority issue there.

“In Hesse there is certainly a higher percentage of migration and immigration than, for example, in Saxony at the moment, and yet it is not the top issue here,” said Faeser in a video press conference with the Foreign Press Association in Germany.

In order to solve practical problems, such as the accommodation of immigrants, greater relief is needed for municipalities, she explained. “I believe that we need to talk to our large housing associations here in particular in order to have a perspective in housing for migrants,” said the SPD politician. It is problematic that some of the refugees who came to Germany in 2015 and 2016 still live in refugee accommodation.

The number of asylum seekers has recently increased significantly. When asked about migration policy, the minister said: “As federal minister, I have already done more to limit and control things than my predecessors.”

Criticism of the traffic light coalition

When asked by a journalist whether the traffic light coalition’s “poor appearance was putting a strain on its election campaign and whether it might be lacking the tailwind from Berlin, Faeser replied: “Well, tailwind certainly looks different.”

She emphasized: “The traffic lights are better than their reputation.” As an example of how the appearance of the government coalition affects the state election campaign, Faeser said: “When the discussion about basic child welfare started again, you noticed that the mood had changed again and was not a good prerequisite.”

CDU ahead in surveys

A new state parliament will be elected in Hesse on October 8th. The country is currently governed by a black-green coalition. The CDU with its top candidate, Prime Minister Boris Rhein, was ahead in recent surveys.

Faeser has announced that he would remain Federal Minister of the Interior in the event of the SPD’s electoral defeat in Hesse. In an interview with the foreign press, she said: “I assume that I would keep my ministerial post, but of course that will be decided by the Chancellor.”

Source: Stern

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