Climate protection law: Before climate strike: Alliance calls on government to act

Climate protection law: Before climate strike: Alliance calls on government to act

A global climate strike is just around the corner. In advance, voices are already being raised calling for clear goals, responsibilities and liabilities in the fight against the climate crisis.

Shortly before the next major climate strike, a civil society alliance of environmental protection organizations called on the federal government to take action.

The institutions and associations spoke out in favor of “strengthening the climate protection law instead of gutting it, quickly phasing out coal, gas and oil and initiating a fundamental change in mobility,” according to a joint statement. The alliance includes, among others, the Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation, German Environmental Aid, Greenpeace, WWF and over 140 other organizations, associations and initiatives.

WWF: Climate protection law no longer even passes “as a spritzer”.

“The climate protection law should be watered down to such an extent that it would no longer even pass as a spritzer,” said Viviane Raddatz, head of climate protection and energy policy at WWF Germany. In order to be able to face the climate crisis, a law with clear goals, responsibilities and liabilities is necessary.

“Adjust taxes only every few years, the time for that is over,” Raddatz continued. The climate protection law in this country stipulates that climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions should be reduced by 65 percent by 2030 compared to 1990.

The climate protection movement Fridays for Future has called for a “global climate strike” on September 15th, and dozens of demonstrations are planned in Germany. According to estimates by the movement, more than 220,000 people nationwide took part in the climate action day on March 3rd.

Source: Stern

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