Conflict: South Korea: North Korea’s military fires missiles again

Conflict: South Korea: North Korea’s military fires missiles again

While North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visits Russia, the military in his country launches two short-range missiles. South Korea remains tense.

Amid growing tensions on the Korean peninsula, North Korea has fired ballistic missiles again. South Korea’s military has detected the launch of two short-range missiles in the area around North Korea’s capital Pyongyang, the General Staff in Seoul said.

The rockets flew eastwards towards the open sea. How far they flew was initially unclear. The armed forces have increased their vigilance, it said.

Not the first time

UN resolutions prohibit the self-proclaimed nuclear power North Korea from launching ballistic missiles, even if they are only for test purposes. Depending on their design, such missiles can be equipped with a nuclear warhead. North Korea last fired two short-range missiles at the end of August.

The new missile launches came during a visit by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to Russia, where he planned to meet with President Vladimir Putin. It is assumed that both are likely to talk about arms deals.

The USA believes it is possible that Putin wants ammunition from North Korea for Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. In return, North Korea could rely on Russian technology to build satellites or even nuclear submarines.

Tensions on the Korean peninsula have increased significantly since last year. North Korea increased the scale of its missile tests. The USA and its ally South Korea have agreed to strengthen their military cooperation.

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