Wisconsin: Republicans threaten shameless attack on US democracy

Wisconsin: Republicans threaten shameless attack on US democracy

The people of Wisconsin elected Janet Protasiewicz as a Supreme Court justice, shifting the balance of power there toward a liberal majority. The Republicans do not want to accept this and undermine the will of the people.

Janet Protasiewicz is a threat in the eyes of Republicans. The Wisconsin judge speaks openly about the importance of women’s rights, unions and election integrity. But voters in her state liked Protasiewicz’s attitude, and when the then-district judge in Milwaukee ran for the Supreme Court of Wisconsin in April of this year, they gave her a victory over her right-wing competitor Dan Kelly by a vote of 1,021,370 to 818,286. the Republican favorite. Protasiewicz’s lead of eleven percentage points in the officially non-partisan competition was considered a bang in the swing state, where presidential elections are regularly decided with a razor-thin majority.

The Republicans in Wisconsin see Protasiewicz’s election success as a disaster for democracy and are threatening drastic steps.

Source: Stern

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