Bavaria: Merkel’s concrete equestrian statue collapsed | STERN.de

Bavaria: Merkel’s concrete equestrian statue collapsed |  STERN.de

In October 2021, an equestrian statue of the then Chancellor was unveiled at the Tempel Museum Etsdorf in Upper Palatinate. The “ambivalent sculpture” didn’t last long.

An equestrian statue of former Chancellor Angela Merkel has lasted less than two years in Upper Palatinate. Artist Wilhelm Koch reported that the 2.70 meter high, life-sized sculpture collapsed on Thursday night. “Unfortunately, 3D concrete printing at the time was not very durable and unsuitable for outdoor use,” said Koch.

Significant damage to the one and a half ton sculpture had already occurred in the spring. The horse’s head was broken off and one of the CDU politician’s hands fell off. The equestrian statue was then reassembled and renovated. According to Koch, it made a good visual impression again.

After the first small cracks in the last few days, it was now a total loss. “Apparently the equestrian statue could no longer withstand the internal pressure and load, despite all attempts to rescue it,” said the artist.

“Is it appreciation or irony?”

The statue was unveiled at the Tempel Museum Etsdorf in October 2021 – at that time Merkel was still head of government in Berlin. Exhibitions and other cultural events take place regularly in the museum in the district of the municipality of Freudenberg (Amberg-Sulzbach district). Merkel was depicted in the statue “in her typical pants suit, her hands shaped into the Merkel diamond,” as the artist put it.

Koch created the monument “as an ambivalent sculpture”. “Is it appreciation or irony?” he asked the viewer. A public tribute on horseback is absurd. Koch has been known for his unusual projects for decades. For example, he created an air museum with sculptures made from inflated rubber tubes. According to him, it has not yet been decided what will happen to the remains of the Merkel statue.

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