Migrants in Lampedusa: Why there is no progress in EU policy

Migrants in Lampedusa: Why there is no progress in EU policy

Thousands of migrants arrived on Lampedusa within days. Men arriving in Belgium now have to sleep on the streets. German municipalities are sounding the alarm about too many refugees. Why there is no progress in the EU’s migration policy.

By Charlotte Wirth

The images are dramatic. Hundreds of migrants, crammed into the small port of Lampedusa, are trying to break through the barriers and get to the island. The police are using force to push back the migrants, including women and children.

There is chaos on the Mediterranean island. Thousands of migrants have arrived in Lampedusa since the beginning of the week, the reception centers are full and the authorities are overwhelmed. The reception center on the small Mediterranean island is designed for almost 400 migrants. Around 7,000 people arrived in Lampedusa on Wednesday evening alone. Italy has now declared a state of emergency.

Source: Stern

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