Meeting: White House confirms Zelensky visit next week

Meeting: White House confirms Zelensky visit next week

During the Ukrainian president’s first visit to Washington in December, Joe Biden and Zelensky showed great respect for each other. Now it’s about keeping the US alliance for Ukraine together.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj also wants to visit the US capital Washington after his planned speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

A meeting with President Joe Biden and members of Congress is planned for Thursday (September 21) to reaffirm continued U.S. support for Ukraine, the White House confirmed. Several US media outlets had previously reported on the plans and cited government sources.

“It will be the third meeting between the two and it comes at a critical time,” said Biden adviser Jake Sullivan. Biden looks forward to doubling down on his support for Ukraine and continuing to lead the world on this issue. Concrete dates will be confirmed in the coming days, Sullivan said.

Zelensky will seek continued support

During the visit, the Ukrainian president will seek continued support from the United States for his country in its war against Russia. Biden and his Democrats are currently campaigning for additional aid totaling more than $20 billion (around €18.6 billion) for military, economic and humanitarian purposes.

In the US Senate, Ukraine has received broad support from both parties since the beginning of the war, but criticism of the ongoing aid payments has recently increased in the House of Representatives. The Republicans have a slim majority there.

Zelensky last visited Washington in December 2022, meeting Biden and giving a speech in the Capitol to both chambers of Congress. No country supported Ukraine in the war with more money and military aid than the USA. According to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, the United States has already provided more than $70 billion.

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