Magdeburg: A good 2,000 people protest against the federal government

Magdeburg: A good 2,000 people protest against the federal government

Demonstrators in Magdeburg are calling for the overthrow of the federal government and calling its Corona measures a crime. The AfD is also there. There are also counter-protests nearby.

According to the police, around 2,000 people demonstrated against the federal government on the cathedral square in Magdeburg with slogans such as “Germany stands up! Restart democracy.”

According to dpa reporters, those involved in the event, which was proclaimed a “non-partisan rally for the nationwide Day of Truth”, included supporters and members of presumably right-wing groups, parties such as the AfD and Die Basis as well as associations and institutions that were critical of the Corona protective measures positioned. Signs and flags were shown with inscriptions such as “We are the red line”, “Healthy without coercion” and “Politicians must stick”. There were speeches and music.

According to a police spokesman, around 140 people protested in front of the cathedral portal under the motto “Germany is standing up? We’re taking a seat!” against the rally on Cathedral Square. The civil society alliance Solidarisches Magdeburg and the Left Youth called for the event. According to their own statements, they wanted to take a stand against right-wing ideologies and conspiracy narratives. According to police, there were no disturbances or incidents until the afternoon.

Source: Stern

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