FDP boss: Lindner defends Porsche passion and Sylt wedding

FDP boss: Lindner defends Porsche passion and Sylt wedding

FDP leader Christian Lindner justifies his big wedding on Sylt with celebrities and Porsches and advises anyone who has a problem with that, “in God’s name they should just vote for another party.”

FDP leader Christian Lindner has defended his passion for a vintage Porsche car and his highly publicized wedding on Sylt last year. “I would like to say one sentence about this, about the Porsche as well as about the wedding: Anyone who has a problem with the fact that I, who have never received money as a gift, who has never inherited anything, who has never stolen anything, is the one I earned and taxed “If you pay money, then in God’s name you should vote for another party,” Lindner told the “Augsburger Allgemeine”.

He has driven his more than 40-year-old Porsche a maximum of 5,000 kilometers in the past ten years. The car is “more of a stationary vehicle than a vehicle, but also a piece of automotive cultural heritage, a passion.” Last year, Lindner celebrated his wedding to journalist Franca Lehfeldt on the island of Sylt with many prominent guests – including CDU leader Friedrich Merz, who arrived by private plane.

Source: Stern

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