Right-wing extremism: Large police presence against banned “Reichsbürger” festival

Right-wing extremism: Large police presence against banned “Reichsbürger” festival

In East Saxony, the “Kingdom of Germany” wanted to celebrate a festival lasting several days. The community had banned the “Reichsbürger” event. Some participants move to another location.

With a large contingent, the police in East Saxony enforced the ban on a “Reichsbürger” festival in Bärwalde Castle at the weekend. Since Friday she has been checking arrivals to the event planned for three days. “Our forces are checking all people traveling to Bärwalde,” said the police.

Almost 250 vehicles had been checked by Saturday. 153 people who wanted to go to the event organized by the self-proclaimed “Kingdom of Germany” were sent back. A few dozen participants later moved to an estate in central Saxony.

The municipality of Boxberg/Oberlausitz, to which Bärwalde belongs, banned the event. According to her, the festival should have been registered, but this was not done. In addition, there was no communication between the organizer and the municipality or district. All information about the security of the building, fire protection or the security concept for the festival was missing. Customs carried out additional checks.

Fantasy ID cards confiscated

The police issued ten stay bans. Several of those arriving presented fantasy documents from the “Kingdom of Germany”. If they did not have valid identification, the police checked their identity. The fantasy ID cards were confiscated. A cyclist ran into the control officers on Friday when he was considerably drunk. A test showed he had a breath alcohol level of 1.72 per mille.

The municipality of Boxberg invited people to a brunch with Mayor Hendryk Balko on Saturday morning. There the citizens were able to talk about what was going on in Bärwalde Castle. The Görlitz police department said that around 80 people followed.

According to the police, some of the “Reichbürger” fled to Halsbrücke in central Saxony on Saturday. There they retreated to a private estate. The police observed this. There was no reason to intervene, the situation center of the Chemnitz police department said on Sunday. It remained quiet on the estate all night long.

According to the Saxon Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the “Kingdom of Germany” movement has been active in the Free State since April 2021. Bärwalde Castle is one of three seats. Last February, the “Kingdom” also bought the Wolfsgrüner Schlösschen in Eibenstock in the Erzgebirge.

The “Kingdom of Germany” was founded in 2012 by Peter Fitzek, who was born in Halle in Saxony-Anhalt. He appointed himself its leader. “Reich citizens” like him do not recognize the Federal Republic of Germany as a state.

Source: Stern

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