Christian Lindner addresses his critics with a clear message

Christian Lindner addresses his critics with a clear message

Too expensive, too ostentatious, inappropriate: Christian Lindner was heavily criticized for his wedding on Sylt last year. Now the finance minister addresses the critics with clear words – and suggests another party to them.

It was one of the big excitements in the summer of 2022: On July 9th, Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner married the journalist Franca Lehfeldt in the St. Severin Church in the Sylt town of Keitum. A big celebration then took place, to which around 150 guests came to the North Sea island. CDU leader Friedrich Merz traveled by private jet.

For many citizens, this was a bit too much, given the current situation in the country. After two years of the corona pandemic and the massive increase in energy prices as a result of the Russian attack on Ukraine, many people were under financial pressure. A flashy wedding on Sylt by Germany’s top treasurer, who got into the Porsche in front of the church, was a thorn in the side of some.

Christian Lindner about his Porsche

In an interview with the “Augsburger Allgemeine”, Lindner commented in detail on the debate at the time. Regarding the allegations regarding his car, the FDP politician said that he had driven his more than 40-year-old Porsche a maximum of 5,000 kilometers in the last ten years, making it “more of a stationary vehicle than a vehicle.”

He addressed his critics with direct words: “Anyone who has a problem with the fact that I, who have never received money as a gift, who has never inherited anything, who has never stolen anything, pays with the money I earn and pay taxes on, then they should In the name of God, just choose another party.”

In view of current surveys that show the FDP at only six percent, this is a bold announcement. However, the politician does not seem to be tired of office. When asked how thorny his position as Federal Finance Minister was, Lindner complained that no one thanks you because you can’t please anyone. But he added forgivingly: “It’s great, I would pay the entrance fee for it.”


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