Migration: Poland tightens controls on the border with Slovakia

Migration: Poland tightens controls on the border with Slovakia

Warsaw says vehicles will be checked more strictly for those entering illegally. Both Poland and Slovakia belong to the Schengen area – such an approach is therefore not the norm.

In view of increasing migration movements, the government in Poland has ordered stricter controls on the border with its southern neighbor Slovakia. According to the PAP agency, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said at an election campaign appearance in Krasnik that he had ordered checks on minibuses, buses, vans and cars that were suspected of being able to transport migrants entering illegally.

This is happening “so that no one can accuse us of the border there being permeable,” said the national conservative politician. It is known that migrants came to Europe on the so-called Balkan route and then to Poland via Hungary and Slovakia.

The border between Poland and Slovakia is around 540 kilometers long. Both EU member states belong to the Schengen area, where citizens can normally move without personal checks. Recently, pressure has increased on the German federal government to order stationary checks on Poland and the Czech Republic. According to her spokesman, Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) is currently holding talks with both countries about possible “additional border police measures”.

Source: Stern

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