Donald Trump: Judge bans him from insulting so many people

Donald Trump: Judge bans him from insulting so many people

Donald Trump can no longer insult people, at least not when they are employees of the New York court hearing him on fraud charges. A judge has now officially ordered this.

In the New York fraud trial against former US President Donald Trump and his two eldest sons, the judge on Tuesday banned the former head of state from verbally attacking court employees. “Personal attacks on members of my court staff are unacceptable,” Judge Arthur Engoron said on the second day of proceedings. He issued an order according to which those involved in the process are not allowed to comment on court employees on online networks, via email or in public statements.

Engoron did not name Trump personally – but he did refer to a “derogatory post” by a defendant “on social media.” Trump had previously posted a photo of one of the judge’s employees on his Truth Social platform and described her as a “friend” of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. “This case should be dismissed immediately,” wrote the 77-year-old. The post was later deleted.

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Trump does not have to be personally present at the proceedings. But he appeared again on the second day of the trial and used the attention to attack Attorney General Letitia James, who had prosecuted him. Trump called James “very corrupt” and “extremely incompetent.”

The attorney general accuses Trump of inflating the assets of his real estate empire over the years in order to get better conditions for loans and insurance. Last week, James won an important legal victory.

Judge Engoron ruled before the trial began that Trump overstated the assets and thereby committed “fraud.” The civil trial that has now begun is therefore particularly concerned with the question of how high the punishment will be against Trump and his sons Donald Trump Junior and Eric Trump.

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