War in the Middle East: Report: 700 Palestinians killed in one day

War in the Middle East: Report: 700 Palestinians killed in one day

With every day of Israeli attacks on the sealed-off Gaza Strip, more deaths are reported. A particularly large number of people died yesterday, according to the UN Emergency Relief Office.

According to Palestinian information, around 700 Palestinians were killed in one day in the war between Israel and the Islamist Hamas attackers. The UN emergency relief office Ocha reported this overnight, citing the health authority in the Gaza Strip, which is controlled by Hamas.

This is the highest number of casualties recorded in one day since the war began on October 7th, when terrorists carried out a massacre of civilians in Israel on behalf of Hamas, which rules in the Gaza Strip. More than 1,400 people died during and in the following days.

Since then, Israel’s army has bombed hundreds of targets in the Gaza Strip. As of yesterday, a total of 5,791 Palestinians had died in the coastal strip sealed off by Israel, it said, citing the Hamas health authority. 2,360 of the fatalities are children and young people. These figures cannot currently be independently verified.

Source: Stern

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