Extremism: Nationwide raid against right-wing extremist music scene

Extremism: Nationwide raid against right-wing extremist music scene

Numerous songs within the right-wing extremist scene are inflammatory music. Now the security authorities are on the trail of suspected producers.

In the fight against the production and distribution of inciting right-wing extremist music, the police searched several properties in various federal states. The focus of the operation was Lower Saxony, as the Celle Public Prosecutor’s Office announced.

There were also searches in the federal states of Hamburg, Berlin, Thuringia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Württemberg. There is also a “search object” on the Spanish island of Mallorca. According to dpa information, a property belonging to a known neo-Nazi in the north of the Free State was searched in Thuringia.

The Celle Public Prosecutor’s Office did not initially disclose what exactly was searched in the various federal states. Further information will be available once the searches have been completed. The aim of the operation was to secure evidence.

Music is important for the right-wing extremist scene

The Oldenburg Central Criminal Inspectorate has been conducting extensive proceedings for several months under the direction of the Celle Public Prosecutor’s Office on suspicion of forming a criminal organization, it was said.

It is about the production and national and sometimes international distribution of criminally relevant, inciting right-wing extremist music. The group of perpetrators is therefore active nationwide. Most of the members can be assigned to the right-wing extremist scene.

According to the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, music and music events are important for the right-wing extremist scene. “In particular, participation in right-wing extremist music events (including concerts, song recitals) offers young members of the scene a sense of community and strength that creates identity,” says the Office for the Protection of the Constitution’s website.

“At the same time, right-wing extremist views, enemy images and ideological fragments are spread and consolidated through the song lyrics.” Accordingly, the right-wing extremist music scene remains “agile and capable of action” despite the difficult conditions in the Corona years of 2020 and 2021. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution registered almost 260 right-wing extremist music events nationwide in 2022. Accordingly, many new right-wing extremist recordings were released.

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