Riots: France wants to take tougher action after riots

Riots: France wants to take tougher action after riots

After the serious unrest in the summer, France wants to hold young criminals and their parents more consistently accountable. The military is supposed to teach perpetrators discipline and values.

Around four months after serious riots in France, the government wants to take tougher action and hold young offenders and their parents accountable. Parents should be held liable for damage to their children, fines should be increased and the use of the military to instruct young criminals in discipline and values ​​should be tried, said Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne in Paris. If social media played a role in crimes, perpetrators should receive a six-month access ban.

The Prime Minister also announced massive support for young people and families in deprived suburbs where unrest erupted following the death of a teenager during a police stop at the end of June. There should be more extensive care and leisure activities for young people, schools should offer activities for weak students during the summer holidays and training opportunities should be increased.

Borne promised the municipalities 100 million euros in aid to repair the massive damage caused by the unrest. After the death of 17-year-old Nahel in a police shot, accusations of police violence and systemic racism became loud in France.

The Prime Minister did not address possible police reform in her speech. There should be more police on the streets and community policing should be given expanded powers, she said.

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