Federal Government: Commissioner for Poland hopes for a change after the election

Federal Government: Commissioner for Poland hopes for a change after the election

Three opposition parties won a majority in Poland’s parliamentary elections. The Federal Government Commissioner for Poland is confident about the relations between the two countries.

The Federal Government’s Commissioner for Poland, Dietmar Nietan, believes that after the election in Poland a boost for relations with the neighboring country is possible.

“After the elections, I’m hoping for signs of a common departure and of getting things going,” Nietan told the German Press Agency. “As partners in Europe, we have a shared responsibility for good neighborly relations and security in Europe. We want to work on this together – support for Ukraine is a central, connecting element between Berlin and Warsaw.”

Turn to Poland “with a lot of empathy.”

The coordinator for German-Polish cooperation is pushing for initiatives from Berlin for mutual relations. “I also expect my government to approach Poland with a lot of empathy and to invite a future new Polish government with an ambitious, positive German-Polish-European agenda to new joint initiatives,” said Nietan. The further expansion of cross-border transport connections, especially in rail transport, is important. “This is precisely how the quality of bilateral relations is often measured in the everyday lives of our citizens.”

The Poland representative also sees deficits in recent years. “On the other hand, we want to regain trust in ourselves. Because we have to look at our own noses on many issues,” said Nietan. “We are aware that German policy towards Central Eastern Europe, German policy towards Russia, has disappointed many people not only in Poland, but especially in Poland. Since Russia’s attack on Ukraine, it has also been clear to us in Berlin: The The security of Central and Eastern Europe is also essential for our security in Germany.”

“I’m impressed by this commitment”

The national conservative party “Law and Justice” (PiS), which has been in power since 2015, became the strongest force in the parliamentary elections on October 15th, but fell short of an absolute majority and does not have a suitable coalition partner. The opposition liberal-conservative Citizens’ Coalition (KO) led by Donald Tusk, together with the conservative Third Way and the left-wing alliance Lewica, won a clear majority of seats.

The Poland representative paid tribute to the Polish voters. “The people of Poland exercised their right to vote on a historic scale with the highest voter turnout since 1989,” Nietan said. “I am impressed by the commitment and passion of Poles for democracy in their country.” The SPD member of the Bundestag Nietan has been the coordinator for German-Polish cooperation since last year and replaced Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD).

Source: Stern

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