Survey: Union far ahead – Wagenknecht alliance would get 14 percent

Survey: Union far ahead – Wagenknecht alliance would get 14 percent

How would citizens vote if there were a federal election on Sunday? The traffic lights remain stable, albeit behind the Union.

In a survey conducted by the opinion research institute Insa for “Bild am Sonntag”, the Union is currently well ahead in terms of voter approval. If there were a federal election this Sunday, the CDU and CSU would get 31 percent of the votes, as can be seen from the “Sunday trend” published on Saturday. That is two percentage points more than the previous week and, according to the newspaper, the highest value in the “Sunday trend” since March 2021.

The traffic light parties remain stable or are increasing slightly. According to the survey, the SPD got 16 percent. The Greens are also unchanged at 13 percent. The FDP gained one point and reached 6 percent.

AfD at 21 percent, Left at 4

The AfD loses one percentage point compared to the previous week and is at 21 percent. The Left would miss entry into the Bundestag with 4 percent (-1). The other parties could get 9 percent (including Free Voters 3 percent).

If the yet-to-be-founded Alliance Sahra Wagenknecht party were also up for election, it would get 14 percent, according to the survey. The AfD would be most weakened in such a scenario. It would come to 17 percent, which is four percentage points less than the regular “Sunday trend”. According to the survey, there is also a lot of voting potential for the alliance among the other parties. In this scenario they would come to 4 percent, 5 percentage points less than in the “Sunday trend”. The SPD would get 15 percent (-1), the Union would get 29 percent (-2) and the FDP would get 5 percent (-1). The Greens would get 12 percent (-1), the Left would get 4 percent.

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