Hamas attack: Netanyahu criticizes secret service: No warning about war

Hamas attack: Netanyahu criticizes secret service: No warning about war

Israel’s prime minister had previously been asked about documents that were said to have warned of a growing threat of war. Female soldiers also apparently reported threatening movements before the Hamas attack.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused the secret service of not warning him about war intentions of the Islamist Palestinian organization Hamas, which rules in the Gaza Strip.

A post on the online platform Assessment that the deterrence is effective against Hamas and that Hamas is striving for an understanding.”

This assessment was presented to the Prime Minister and the government again and again until the outbreak of war.

Netanyau refuses to admit responsibility

Unlike leading representatives of the military, intelligence and Defense Minister Joav Galant, Netanyahu has so far persistently refused to admit responsibility for Israel’s failure on October 7th.

Terrorists from Hamas and other organizations made a surprise advance into Israeli territory three weeks ago and carried out massacres among civilians there. Since then, Israel has suffered more than 1,400 deaths.

According to media reports, the background to Netanyahu’s X-Post is probably a question that a journalist from the army radio station asked him at a rare press conference. The journalist said that before the massacre, Netanyahu had received documents from military intelligence and Shin Bet that warned of a growing threat of war. He asked the head of government whether he had ignored these letters.

Female soldiers, whose job is to constantly monitor enemy territory, also reported that they had noticed and warned about threatening movements in the Gaza Strip in the weeks and months before the attack. However, these warnings were ignored by superiors.

Netanyahu’s X-Post now talks about “lying claims”.

X-Post from Netanyahu, Hebrew

Source: Stern

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