War in the Middle East: Israel increases attacks: “Standing at the gates of Gaza City”

War in the Middle East: Israel increases attacks: “Standing at the gates of Gaza City”

The Gaza war between Israel and the Islamist Hamas is intensifying. An Israeli attack kills many people in a refugee camp. The overview.

The Israeli army is making progress in its ground attacks in the Gaza Strip, according to a senior commander. “We are at the gates of Gaza City,” said 162nd Division Commander Itzik Cohen in a press statement.

The soldiers in his unit are in the middle of an operation and have penetrated deep into the Gaza Strip.

Israeli air strikes in the Jabalia refugee camp, resulting in numerous deaths, have sparked sharp criticism in the Arab world. Jordan decided to recall its ambassador to Israel. Iran’s Foreign Minister Hussein Amirabdollahian threatened Israel and the USA: “If the war continues, the situation will not remain the same.”

According to the Israeli military, a Hamas commander who was involved in the massacres in the Israeli border area on October 7 was also killed in the airstrike on a multi-story house. In total, around 50 terrorists were killed.

In addition, the head of Hamas’ anti-tank missile unit was killed in the Gaza Strip. The high-ranking commander of the Islamist Hamas, which rules in the sealed-off coastal strip, was killed in an attack by a fighter jet, the Israeli military said. The Israeli army released a video showing the explosion of a building from the air.

Mohammed Asar was responsible for all Hamas anti-tank missile units throughout the Gaza Strip. The operations he commissioned targeted Israeli civilians and soldiers.

The federal government emphasized Israel’s right to self-defense after the massacre on October 7th and at the same time underlined the importance of the proportionality of the measures. “In the legitimate defense of Israel against the terrorist organization Hamas and against its continued attacks, to which Israel is entitled under international law, the protection of the civilian population must also be a priority,” said a spokesman for the Foreign Office in Berlin.

Hamas authority: More than 8,700 dead in the Gaza Strip

The number of Palestinians killed in the Gaza Strip has risen to 8,796, according to the Hamas-controlled health authority. The authorities reported that 3,648 children and young people under the age of 18 were among the dead. A total of 22,219 people have been injured since the start of the war. The numbers cannot currently be independently verified.

Iran reiterates threats against Israel and the USA

During a visit to Turkey, Iran’s foreign minister once again directed threatening words at arch-enemies the USA and Israel. Hussein Amirabdollahian told journalists in Ankara after a meeting with his colleague Hakan Fidan: “The resistance will decide on another surprise action and the situation will be different,” Amirabdollahian warned.

Before his visit to Turkey, Amirabdollahian met with Hamas boss Ismail Hanija in the Qatari capital Doha. The Gulf Emirate of Qatar has been one of Hamas’s most important supporters for around 15 years. Among other things, Qatar is currently mediating the possible release of hostages who were kidnapped from Israel to the Gaza Strip by terrorists.

Blinken will travel to Israel again on Friday

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken wants to visit Israel again this week. US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller announced in Washington that Blinken would travel to Israel and Jordan on Friday. Among other things, he will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other representatives of the Israeli government to find out about their military plans and goals.

Another blackout in the Gaza Strip – aid organizations also affected

In the Gaza Strip, all communications and internet services failed again, as the West Bank-based Palestinian company Paltel announced. The organization Netblocks, which is known for monitoring Internet blocks, also confirmed a breakdown in connections on Platform X, formerly Twitter. Paltel is the last major operator still offering services in the coastal area. The Palestinian Red Crescent said it was also affected by the blackout.

Military tension continues on the border with Lebanon

The situation remained tense in the border area north of Israel. The Israeli army reported another attack on a “terror cell” in southern Lebanon. They tried to fire several anti-tank missiles into the north of Israel.

Since the beginning of the Gaza war, there have been repeated confrontations between the Israeli army and the Shiite militia Hezbollah on the border between Israel and Lebanon. There were already deaths on both sides. Hezbollah has ties to the Islamist Hamas, which rules in the Gaza Strip.

Diplomatic protest against Israel in South America

In light of Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, Bolivia has severed diplomatic relations with the Jewish state. The South American country made the decision “in rejection and condemnation of the aggressive and disproportionate Israeli military offensive in the Gaza Strip and the threat to international peace and security,” the Bolivian Foreign Ministry said.

At the same time, Chile and Colombia recalled their ambassadors for consultations. Left-wing governments in Latin America have traditionally been critical of Israeli policies toward the Palestinians.

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