Middle East: Germany “stands firmly on Israel’s side.” What is the rest of the world doing?

Middle East: Germany “stands firmly on Israel’s side.”  What is the rest of the world doing?

The war between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas is not only dividing the region, but is also causing conflicts and demonstrations in other countries. After Hamas’ major attack on October 7, many heads of state and government expressed solidarity with Israel and emphasized its right to defense. Others were quick to condemn the subsequent backlash in Gaza.

States accuse Israel of genocide against Palestinians

Germany quickly expressed solidarity with Israel. Chancellor Olaf Scholz was the first head of state to travel to Tel Aviv to meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just ten days after the attacks. In several conversations, Scholz also emphasized the “German reason of state”: Germany “stands firmly and unwaveringly on Israel’s side in the face of this terrible attack.”

The USA is also a permanent partner of Israel. US President Joe Biden has now spoken out in favor of a “humanitarian pause” to enable aid deliveries or the release of hostages, and Washington is critical of Israel’s massive counterattacks on the Gaza Strip. But Biden also ordered the largest US warship to be moved off the Israeli coast.

The situation is different for our immediate neighbors in the Middle East. Israel has concluded peace agreements with some states, while other countries support Gaza – or even finance the terrorist organization Hamas.

Nations like Spain and Ireland primarily criticize Israel’s actions and fear violations of human rights. Representatives of South Africa and Turkey had formulated this much more drastically and spoke of “war crimes” and “genocide” against the Palestinian population.

From the outset, Israel’s army emphasized that its defense would focus on Hamas targets. But the Gaza Strip is densely populated and there are hardly any options for the civilian population to retreat or escape. Israel also criticizes Hamas for using civilians as “human shields.” The number of Palestinians killed is therefore increasing every day. The Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health currently reports around 9,000 deaths in Gaza, but the numbers cannot be independently verified.

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