Middle East: Police: “No notable incidents” after demo

Middle East: Police: “No notable incidents” after demo

In connection with the Middle East conflict, there have recently been violent clashes between demonstrators and the police in Berlin. What is the situation after the big demonstration on Saturday?

According to initial police findings, there were “no significant incidents” in Berlin on Sunday night in connection with the pro-Palestinian demonstration on Saturday. A police spokeswoman told the German Press Agency on Sunday morning.

A gathering in Neukölln on Saturday evening caused a police operation, during which a so-called bullet bomb was detonated next to a radio van. This is a firecracker that is fired from a launch tube. A small child and two police officers were injured, the police said, without providing any information about the severity of the injuries or the identity of those affected. According to the police spokeswoman, based on current knowledge there is no connection to the pro-Palestinian demonstration in the afternoon.

According to the spokeswoman on Sunday morning, 9,000 people took part in the protest march in the afternoon, which several pro-Palestinian groups nationwide had called for. “Many from the left-wing political spectrum who have already called for the “revolutionary May 1st demonstration” this year also mobilized,” the police said. Strict requirements applied to the event.

According to their own information, the police wrote 64 reports during the demonstration, 16 of which were on suspicion of incitement to hatred. Several investigations have been initiated. The police initially did not provide any details about the individual penalties. According to initial findings, she spoke of a largely peaceful course of events.

Terrorists from Hamas, which rules in the Gaza Strip, carried out massacres of civilians in Israel on October 7th. Since then, Israel’s army has been using air strikes and ground troops against targets in the sealed-off coastal area.

Source: Stern

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