Middle East: Israel: This is how Hamas abuses hospitals in Gaza

Middle East: Israel: This is how Hamas abuses hospitals in Gaza

Israel presents evidence to show how the Islamist terrorist organization Hamas abuses civilian infrastructure for military purposes. An overview of the allegations.

Israel’s military has provided new information that shows Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, is using civilian infrastructure for military purposes. Videos, audio recordings and satellite images would once again prove how the terrorist organization Hamas hides its positions near health facilities, said military spokesman Daniel Hagari.

According to the video footage presented, the Qatar-funded Sheikh Hamad Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip is said to be directly connected to Hamas’ tunnel network. A tunnel shaft was placed right next to the building, Hagari said about the recordings.

There is also evidence that Israeli ground troops were fired from the hospital. The information could not currently be independently verified.

The Indonesian hospital in the Gaza Strip is also said to be surrounded by Hamas military infrastructure. “Hamas systematically built the Indonesian hospital to conceal its underground terror infrastructure,” Hagari said. He again accused Hamas of preventing civilians from reaching the south of the Gaza Strip despite intensive warnings from Israel.

According to Hagari, Israel has already dropped 1.5 million warning leaflets over Gaza, distributed around six million recorded messages and called 20,000 people. The spokesman also provided a recording that purports to prove that Hamas is withholding fuel from hospitals. This information has not yet been independently verifiable.

Source: Stern

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