Elections: Biden: Election victories for Democrats in several US states

Elections: Biden: Election victories for Democrats in several US states

Surveys show that US President Biden has poor popularity ratings. But one issue could play into his hands in the upcoming presidential elections – as the latest election results show.

US President Joe Biden’s Democrats have achieved several successes in votes in various US states. While surveys show that the 80-year-old Biden is struggling with low popularity ratings in various groups of voters, observers see the outcome of the elections on Tuesday evening (local time) as a possible indicator for the upcoming presidential elections next year.

Among other things, Democratic Governor Andy Beshear was re-elected in conservative Kentucky. In the Virginia legislature, Democrats achieved a majority in both chambers, making it more difficult for Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin to govern.

Daniel McCaffery, a fifth Democrat, will sit on the bench of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania alongside two Republicans – the state is one of the few in which judges are directly elected. And in Republican-governed Ohio, the right to abortion is enshrined in the state constitution following a referendum.

Access to abortion is an important election issue

The fight over access to abortion in particular has become an important election campaign issue for the Democrats: After the US Supreme Court overturned the previously constitutionally protected right to abortion in June last year, the issue is now of intense concern at the state level. Although abortion rights were not explicitly on the ballot as in Ohio, they also played a central role in Kentucky, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

President Biden is running for a second term among the Democrats – without serious competition. Among the Republicans, ex-President Donald Trump is currently far ahead in polls among his party’s candidates. This could lead to another race between the two. Polls suggest this could be close.

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