Middle East conflict: Netanyahu: Military should control Gaza after the end of the war

Middle East conflict: Netanyahu: Military should control Gaza after the end of the war

Resolute Prime Minister Netanyahu: The Israeli army should retain control of the Gaza Strip. A handover to international forces is out of the question.

According to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s military should have control of the Gaza Strip after the war.

The Israeli army will “retain control of the strip, we will not hand it over to international forces,” Netanyahu said, according to media reports, at a meeting with representatives of Israeli border towns.

Netanyahu had previously told US broadcaster Fox News in an interview that Israel did not want to try to conquer, rule or occupy the Gaza Strip. “But we want to give him and ourselves a better future in the entire Middle East. And for that to happen, Hamas must be defeated.” Netanyahu said he had not set a timetable “because it may take more time.” The Gaza Strip must be demilitarized, de-radicalized and rebuilt.

A senior adviser to Netanyahu said last week that Israel does not seek continued occupation of the area. But there must be an Israeli security presence so that the military can go in for operations depending on the threat, Mark Regev told the US broadcaster CNN.

Abbas wants Gaza control in the event of a two-state solution

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has reportedly once again signaled its willingness to take over the reins of government following the end of the Gaza war as part of a two-state solution. “We will bear our full responsibility within the framework of a comprehensive political solution,” said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, according to the Palestinian news agency Wafa. What is meant is the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, which, in addition to the Gaza Strip, should also include the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

However, this vision is viewed by most members of the current right-wing religious government in Israel as a danger to the Jewish state and is therefore rejected. There are also far-right ministers who want to annex the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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