Formation of government: After electoral defeat: PiS delays change of power in Poland

Formation of government: After electoral defeat: PiS delays change of power in Poland

Poland’s president commissions the current prime minister to form a government – even though his party lost the election. It’s about delaying the transfer of power.

After the opposition won the majority in the parliamentary elections in Poland, the national-conservative former ruling party PiS is further delaying the transfer of power. According to a spokesman, the current Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who was commissioned by President Andrzej Duda on Monday to form a government, does not want to present his cabinet until the end of November – but it does not have a majority in parliament. This means that the victorious previous opposition under Donald Tusk will probably have to wait until early December before they can take over the government.

According to the constitution, Morawiecki has a deadline of 14 days from the moment he is commissioned to complete his project. He assumes that the cabinet will be presented “between day 12 and day 14” of this deadline, said the spokesman for the incumbent government, Piotr Müller, on Tuesday in Warsaw.

The opposition clearly won the election

In the election on October 15, three pro-European parties led by former EU Council President Tusk won a clear majority of 248 of the 460 seats. The previous national conservative ruling party PiS had 194 seats and has no coalition partner.

Despite this majority, Duda, who himself comes from the ranks of the PiS, commissioned the PiS politician Morawiecki to form a government. Opposition representatives accuse Duda of wanting to use this maneuver to delay the turnaround. Since Morawiecki will not receive a majority for his cabinet in parliament, the mission is doomed to failure. Only then would it be the turn of the current opposition to form a government.

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